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It may be easy to take prescription eyeglasses on and off, but prescription contact lenses allow you more freedom since they move along with your eye and stay in place with activity. At Primary Eyecare Associates in Troy, Michigan, the experienced optometrists assess your vision to find your prescription and provide a range of contact lens types, including rigid gas-permeable lenses and soft lenses. To explore your options for contact lenses, call Primary Eyecare Associates, or book an appointment online today.

Contact Lenses Q&A

What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are clear circular devices that you place in your eyes over your pupils. Your optometrist at Primary Eyecare Associates conducts a vision test to find your prescription. If you need corrective eyewear for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you can decide between contact lenses and prescription glasses, or have both. 

Wearing your contact lenses correctly ensures that you have clear vision at a wide range of distances. You can read, drive, and work without having to remember your pair of glasses or squint to make out details. Your optometrist at Primary Eyecare Associates helps you learn to place your contact lenses in your eyes safely and care for them daily to avoid complications. 

Which type of contact lenses should I get?

Primary Eyecare Associates carries the latest contact lens brands and a few different types. Your optometrist helps you select the type that suits your needs after an assessment of your eye health, a standard vision exam, and lens fitting. You can choose between:

Soft lenses

Soft lenses are a comfortable, flexible plastic material and are breathable for your eyes. Soft lenses are available in tinted, single-vision, bifocal, and multifocal options, and you can decide if you want them to be daily-wear, extended-wear, extended-wear disposable, or planned replacement with biweekly, monthly, or quarterly replacements.

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses

Rigid gas-permeable lenses are a harder type of plastic than soft lenses. However, they’re still porous and breathable. They can also give you very sharp vision that isn’t reachable with softer lens types. If you have astigmatism or advanced nearsightedness or farsightedness, RGP lenses may be your better option. 

How can I make my contact lenses last?

You can make your contact lenses last and avoid complications by caring for them correctly at home. First, your optometrist at Primary Eyecare Associates makes sure your contact lenses fit with the shape and size of your eyes. A few tips for proper care of contact lenses are:

  • Keeping your hands clean and dry to handle your contact lenses
  • Avoiding falling asleep in your contact lenses
  • Avoiding bathing and swimming in your contact lenses
  • Using a lens case to store your contact lenses safely
  • Cleaning your contacts with the correct solution
  • Using sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Visiting Primary Eyecare Associates for regular exams

You can feel free to ask your optometrist any questions about your lenses that come up while you use them. If you’re unhappy with your choice in contact lenses for any reason, they can help you select a better fit.

If you need a new prescription or want to switch from glasses to contact lenses, call the Primary Eyecare Associates office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment today.